British man’s bacon complaint goes viral

A British man just wanted to enjoy some bacon with wife on Sunday.

But what started out as a quick trip to the store, devolved into what could only be described as every bacon lover’s worst nightmare.

After picking up a package of bacon at his local Tesco supermarket, Ben Roberts was floored to find just six pieces in a package that advertised seven. While many would simply be sad and move past the outrage, shock and disappointment were just too much for Roberts to bear. He took to Facebook, and in a 500 plus word rant poured his heart out to Tesco’s community page.

"SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! There was only six rashers of bacon. Six. I could not believe it! Mortified! I called my other half into the kitchen but quickly dismissed her as she did not seem to understand the problem," we wrote.

The clever and passionately worded complaint has gone viral, with over 16,000 shares and 80,000 likes.

But equally clever is the supermarket's response:

Tesco also said they will issue a refund as long he can provide original product information.

Others have since started sharing their own bacon woes and triumphs on social media.

"I also opened a 7 pack of tesco smoked bacon yesterday to find only 6 slices. No matter how many times I counted I could only find 6 in the packet! Unfortunately I have not kept my packaging so little I can do now," wrote Facebook user Joanne Ellis.

"Dear Ben. It would appear that I got your missing rasher of bacon on Sunday. I opened an identical packet of Tesco bacon and found I had eight rashers, not the seven as stated. Just so you're aware, the extra rasher tasted wonderful. Yours, Loz," wrote playful user Loz Birkett.