I still remember watching Andrea Immer (now Robinson) on her show Simply Wine back in 2003. I was inspired.  She was the first woman I saw on TV talking about wine in, what was then, a very male-dominated world.

To finally meet her was more inspiring, because she is the same approachable, friendly woman I saw on TV. And this petite woman is an even bigger powerhouse in the wine world today.

She is one of only 19 women in the world to have earned the Master Sommelier credential, and is the only woman ever named Best Sommelier in the United States by the Sommelier Society of America. She has already written four books, done three television programs, including Simply Wine, and has this great online wine course  for a mere $30 a year that gets you access to all her videos. I can't wait to take it. (She graciously told us to put in promotional code “THANKS” to receive 20 percent off the course.)

Yet, with all those fancy credentials, she is still the woman you want to hang out with at your next party. Which is why I thought she was the perfect person to ask one of the hardest questions of all: What wine should I bring to thanksgiving dinner?

And based on that infectious smile, I knew her suggestions would be just like her: approachable and fun.

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Here is what she suggested:

A Dry Riesling from the Finger Lakes region, a Pinot Noir from Barnett Vineyards, and a 2001 aged Rioja from Spain.

They were all fabulous (since I had the pleasure of tasting them) and all reasonably priced.

So try one.  Your family and friends will be thrilled, and your wallet will be too.

Cent’ Anni.