Best turkey tips for Thanksgiving

Choosing to celebrate the holiday at home? Don't fret. No matter your woes, we can help you create the best Thanksgiving experience your guests have ever had. There are lots of questions that arise when planning a feast of these proportions, from where you start to how to serve the actual meal.

We can help you have an easy and elegant holiday that will impress and please every guest in attendance. We can even show you have to upgrade your holiday to help you surpass your Thanksgivings past.

But of all of the advice we could give, teaching you how to cook the Thanksgiving turkey is the most vital information we can give you. If you’re looking for perfect turkey tips, look no further:

1. Let it thaw, let it thaw

Side view of a raw turkey against a white background

Side view of a raw turkey against a white background (iStock)

No matter how big of a bird you have, if you bought it frozen, you must give it time to thaw. You cannot successfully cook a turkey if it isn’t thawed thoroughly. Allow it to thaw in the fridge three days before the big feast. If you find that the day before it is still too frozen, let it thaw in the sink for the entire day.

2. Be smart about brining


You want to be sure you brine a fully thawed turkey and give it enough time to soak. At the end of your last thawing day, place the turkey breast-side down into the brine and let it soak up all of that tasty flavoring.

3. Don't stuff the turkey

Homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing Made with Bread and Herbs

Homemade Thanksgiving Stuffing Made with Bread and Herbs (iStock)

No, really — it adds time to the turkey that you just don’t have. Try stuffing it with aromatics instead, and serve the stuffing on the side!

These tips will help you make the perfect turkey on Thanksgiving.

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