Australian Brewery Invents "Space Beer"

SYDNEY -- Two Australian companies have developed the very first space beer, reported Tuesday.

With the space tourism industry preparing for takeoff as early as next year, Saber Astronautics Australia teamed up with the Four Pines Brewing Company to develop the very first beer that can be consumed safely in space.

Jaron Mitchell, the founder of Four Pines, said the creation of space beer was an event for the history books.

"Wherever humans have journeyed to throughout history in the last few thousand years, we first worry about water, food, shelter and clothing," he told Aussie news website

"In many cases beer is the next consideration soon after the above four.

"This is a modern day voyage, similar to the voyage and creation of the 'pale ale as prepared for India' in the 1800s, or what is now referred to as the India Pale Ale."

Named after the first manned space flight in 1961, "Vostok" space beer is what happens when science and beer join forces.

It's a tricky art, making a beer than can be enjoyed on earth as it is in the heavens. Human biology changes in zero gravity conditions. The tongue swells, the senses dull -- altering the way food and drink tastes.

"We also wanted to make the beer good to drink on earth as well. So the idea is you can drink this beer anywhere in the universe," said Dr Jason Held, director of Saber Astronautics Australia.

Saber picked a high-flavored beer as a baseline recipe to ensure that space travelers could enjoy the full flavor of the smoky Irish-style stout, no matter how long the flight duration.

Four Pines Brewing Company is a microbrewery, bar and restaurant based in Manly, Sydney.

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