Could the notorious Amy's Baking Company in Phoenix, Az. be placing stock in its staff?

According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, Amy Bouzaglo and her husband Samy have revised some points of the restaurant's infamous 20-point employee contract, which included a non-compete clause, rules on how the employee may speak, act, dress and spend their holidays, and an agreement that tips go to the house.

Now, Amy Bouzaglo says they "no longer include the non-compete clause in their contract" and says the restaurant will give tips to the staff.  Their disastrous appearance on Fox's "Kitchen Nightmares" --where the Bouzaglos were shown mistreating customers and servers --claimed that 100 staff have quit in the past year alone.

"Since the show, we recognize the outcry and now we’re giving the servers their tips. It would still work out in their favor to be be paid hourly, but now they’re guaranteed to make a minimum of $7.80 an hour and we make sure they go home with more than that, 100 per cent," she told the Mail.

The original contract, leaked to Radar Online, stated that the staff agree to "accept a payment of $8.00 to $12.00 per hour to ensure that you will receive some type of payment.”

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Bouzaglo, speaking to the Mail, said she makes her employees sign a contract for accountability. "You have to have a contract so you don’t have disaster and chaos."

She justified their earlier decision not to give tips by saying: "In Europe they have a different tipping system, just as they do in China and Japan and many restaurants in New York are considering doing away with tipping completely."

Amy's Baking Company has also apparently has become a tourist attraction--something they're reportedly capitalizing on.  They're printing T-shirts for sale with slogans like "I survived Amy's Baking Company," "Here's your pizza, go f**k yourself," and "I speak Feline, MEOW!!"