America's top 5 seafood restaurants

From sashimi to scampi, steamed mussels to smoked salmon, the options are endless when it comes to great seafood. While coastal destinations like Monterey and Boston are famous for fish, landlocked locales like Denver and Chicago are also turning heads with their own creative seafood spots. Take a look at Gayot's Top 5 Seafood Restaurants from coast to coast to discover elegant sushi, classic East Coast oysters, Southern Italian crudo and more.

1. Esca - New York, NY


New York City's Esca, a foray into Southern Italian seafood from Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich and chef David Pasternack, has succeeded swimmingly. The crudo is as fresh as it gets: Slices of raw fish are served with little more than a slick of olive oil and some spices that bring out every ounce of flavor.

2. GT Fish & Oyster - Chicago, IL

(GT Fish & Oyster)

GT Fish & Oyster in Chicago has all the trappings of an authentic East Coast seafood house — one brought up to modern-day speed. The lobster roll and bacon-rich, chunky clam chowder in a Mason jar are among the standouts on the menu.

3. o ya - Boston, MA

(o ya Boston)

Chef Tim Cushman, a Nobu Matsuhisa protégé, is the real deal, as is his wife, a sake sommelier. The menu at o ya in Boston changes regularly and brings gem-like morsels that leave lasting impressions, like wild rock shrimp kakiage in a clear herbal broth, finished with fresh yuzu zest and warm sesame mayo.

4. The Sardine Factory - Monterey, CA

(Sardine Factory)

Since 1968, visitors to Monterey, California, have flocked to The Sardine Factory, a Cannery Row seafood institution. Starting with the signature abalone bisque is a must.

5. Stoic & Genuine - Denver, CO

(Stoic & Genuine)

Stoic & Genuine is an upscale sanctuary of pristine seafood in Denver. From the open kitchen come delights such as a modernized paella parading Hawaiian game fish, mussels, shrimp, squid, house-made sausage and crunchy rice cakes called "socorrat."

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