Tuna melts are already a riff on the grilled cheese. But chefs and home cooks are mixing it up with this comfort food classic. Try seared tuna steak instead of the canned stuff or add a bit of pepper jack cheese and habanero mustard to spice things up. How about throwing some bacon in for a little surf and turf?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the magical combination of bread, tuna and cheese. Here are eight of our favorite ways to switch up a tuna melt.

1. The Seared Tuna Melt Grilled Cheese



Step outside of the can. The classic tuna melt gets a gourmet twist with seared tuna steak. For more recipes like this, visit BSintheKitchen.com.

Recipe: The Seared Tuna Melt Grilled Cheese

2. 'Fancy Ass' Tuna Melt


(A Cozy Kitchen)

This is indeed a fancy version of my favorite second grade school lunch. The caramelized onions might  not appeal  to an 8 year old, but adults find their sweet flavor goes great with the saltiness of the chips. For more recipes like this, visit ACozyKitchen.com.

Recipe: 'Fancy Ass' Tuna Melt

3. Bacon Tuna Melt Panini



It's hard to beat a good tuna melt, especially when you add bacon to it. For more recipes like this, visit Paninihappy.com.

Recipe: Bacon Tuna Melt Panini

4. Italian Tuna Melt with Provolone and Arugula


This recipe from Bumble Bee will have you rethinking the average, hum drum tuna sandwich. Be prepared to update your go to, easy lunch.

Recipe: Italian Tuna Melt with Provolone and Arugula

5. Salmon Melt


(Olga's Flavor Factory)

This salmon filling is full of deep, aromatic flavor. With the addition of fresh parsley and a juicy slice of tomato, the sandwich goes from blah and boring fresh to and exciting. It has everything you could want in a sandwich – crunchy bread, scrumptious filling, juiciness and freshness and it’s all topped off with melted cheese. For more recipes like this, visit Olgasflavorfactory.com.

Recipe: Salmon Melt

6. Spicy Tuna Melt Panini



What's great about this spicy tuna sandwich is the balance of bold flavor. With pepperoncini, pickles, pepper jack cheese and habanero mustard, it’s definitely got a tangy kick, yet it still tastes like a tuna sandwich (which is, after all, the point). For more recipes like this, visit Paninihappy.com.

Recipe: Spicy Tuna Melt Panini

7. Canned Tuna Open-Faced Sandwich


You can use fancy oil-packed tuna for this recipe, but canned tuna works just as well. If you decide to buy tuna stored in water, then you'll probably want to add a tablespoon or two of oil to the recipe below. This open-faced sandwich is light, crunchy, and gets a mild hint of spice from the chile flakes. Feel free to top it with another piece of bread if you wish, but then make sure that both slices are thin so it doesn't overpower the main ingredients inside.

Recipe: Canned Tuna Open-Faced Sandwich

8. Best Tuna Sandwich Ever?


This tuna melt is super quick and easy to make. Normal tuna sandwiches are delicious, but adding that layer of melted cheese really does wonders. For more recipes like this, visit TheKitchenPaper.com.

Recipe: Best Tuna Sandwich Ever?