Just when you think you can’t consume any more pastel Pasqual confections, he makes eye contact with you, that fluffy yellow duck you’ve been dodging all week. It’s Peep season and that means you are likely faced with the guilt of scarfing down 24 marshmallow ducklings or having to explain to the kids why you heartlessly threw them all away.

Luckily there is a third option, in fact here are 8 options for what to do with those Peeps you can’t eat and you can’t bring yourself to toss out.

Of course, if these options fail, there’s always the fallback of blowing them up.

1. Peepshi

There’s no seaweed, wasabi or soy sauce required to make Peepshi, that’s right, Peep Sushi. If you follow this recipe, you will be able to serve sugary sushi rolls that look totally authentic, and there’s nothing fishy about it.

2. Peep-infused Vodka

This concoction is worth crafting for the sheer sake of being about to say, “Want to get drunk off a Peep?” Flavored vodkas are more popular than ever and the myriad of flavors keeps getting weirder.

While Peep vodka is not yet commercially available, the folks at Baking Bites have created a recipe. Something to keep in mind, whatever color the Peep, that will be the final color of the vodka. So pick one Peep color and stick with it.

3. Peep S’mores

Why did we never think of this before? It’s the greatest idea ever. What better way to enjoy a Peep than between a sandwich of graham crackers and Hershey’s bars? Here is a recipe, although you likely won’t need it.

4. Sunflower Peep Cake

This recipe for a Sunflower Peep Cake is not nearly as complicated as it seems. Yellow Peeps are already cute, so placing them in concentric circles on top of a cake just makes a cuter cake. Even as the Peeps become petals, they still taste just as good as when they were ducks.

5. Peep Pops

Let’s face it, kids will eat anything off a stick and love it. Although it’s not likely you were having any trouble getting them to eat a Peep, this recipe will add a whole new element of fun to your family’s Peep-eating spree.

6. Peep Wreath

Warning: you will have to impale a lot of Peeps to make this wreath…or should we call it a Preath? The good news is that once you’ve impaled all your Peeps, they will stay in place forever. Even as the little marshmallow confections grow stale, they still keep their shape. You can even keep your Preath around for next year.

7. Peeps on a Straw

This recipe is less of a recipe and more of an idea. Here’s what you need: a few sturdy plastic straws and a box of bunny Peeps. Just slide straws through the bunnies until you have a whole happy family of bunnies ready to be placed in beverages. It’s a simple concept, and they look so damn cute.

8. Peep Casserole

This recipe isn’t your grandmother’s casserole. It’s weird, like really weird, but it wouldn’t make this list if it wasn’t worth a try. Anything that calls for a stick of butter and a box of Peeps in a winner in our book.