Whether you're a fan of these sweet pastel confections or you have more Peeps than you can handle, we've got you covered.

Here are seven recipes that take Peeps beyond the package and into the realm of impressive desserts.

1. Coconut cream Peeps pie


(Just Born Quality Confections)

This delicious pie recipe will impress your guests this Easter and it's easy to make.

Recipe: Coconut cream Peeps pie

2. Ooey gooey Peep stuffed cookies


(Lauren Lilling)

These cookies come out of the oven perfectly oozing from the Peep stuffed inside.  What better way to celebrate Easter than with a fun and easy dessert?

Recipe: Ooey gooey Peep stuffed cookies

3. Peepshi


(Just Born Quality Confections)

Surprise your guests with this unique take on sushi using rice krispies and Peeps.

Recipe: Peepshi

4. Over-the-top s'mores shakes


(Just Born Quality Confections)

Add a chocolate-flare to Peeps marshmallows with these crowd-pleasing shake.

Recipe: Over-the-top s'mores shakes

5. Peeps cocktail


(Just Born Quality Confections)

Who says Peeps is just for kids? Try this adult cocktail inspired by Peeps.

Recipe: Peeps cocktail

6. Surprise Peeps cupcakes


(Just Born Quality Confections)

These delicious and moist cupcakes have a surprise inside.

Recipe: Surprise Peeps cupcakes

7. Peeps ice cream


(Just Born Quality Confections)

This creamy and refreshing ice cream uses Peeps to create its beautiful pink color.

Recipe: Peeps ice cream