$272K gold and diamond baby bottle is the perfect gift for your next baby shower

We've heard of someone being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but never a gold and diamond-encrusted bottle.

Suommo, a Spanish company that specializes in luxury products for babies, has just released the world’s most expensive baby bottle.

The “Doll” bottle line is ergonomically designed, crafted from traditional, white or pink (rose) gold-- each encrusted with a smattering of diamonds.

The bottle is available in five different sizes with a 25 ml version going for $136,000 up to the largest size, 200 ml, for $272,000. A small price to pay for this “fine work of art.”

Suommo also offers free engraving with any purchase so your baby can quickly tell which diamond encrusted bottle is hers.

The luxury retailer also manufactures a gold plated crib and bassinet, but the new bottle is one of the few pure metal offering on the site.

Let's hope the babies don’t choke on a loose diamond.