Planning a wedding is a very detailed mission, one that involves a ton of time and persistence. The process is supposed to be one of the most adventurous and fun things to do as a couple.

While often the bulk of the planning winds up in the hands of the bride — and most prefer it that way — there is one thing that couples frequently tackle together: the cake.

A wedding cake can come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and fillings. Some couples opt for a classic and traditional tiered confection, while others really take the opportunity to express themselves as a couple, experimenting with flavors and décor.

It’s definitely important to fill the inside of the cake with the fillings that you as a couple love the most, but cake decorating is where you can really get creative.

We’ve seen some spectacular cakes, overflowing with flowers, crystals, and colors, and then, we’ve seen original wedding cakes, cakes that push the boundaries of sugar and fondant and really reflect the whimsy of a bride and the groom.

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From life-size to upside-down to diamond-encrusted, these cakes are anything but subtle. Their dramatic presence demands attention, so click through to see these examples of sugared perfection.

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