Wacky wedding cake toppers

Want to make a statement at your wedding?  These kooky cake toppers add a bit of humor to your big day and will have your guests talking about your nuptials for years to come. 

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    "Cakezilla"Wedding Cake Topper Nothing like getting abducted by a big, blue, angry 'Cakezilla" on your wedding day.   $275.00 
    Karly West
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    Zombie Wedding Cake Topper Who cares if he wants to eat your brains, this bride wants to get married. Hey, if it doesn't work out with him, there's always Frankenstein.  $46.55
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    Robot Wedding Cake Topper  It's a little pricey, but what wedding would be complete without this piece of art: two wooden robot CIA agents. $450.00 
    Builders Studio
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    Home Run Baseball Wedding Topper You're not likely to strike out with this topper.  Made of porcelain, the figurines come in two-pieces so you can set up the winning pitch from anywhere on your cake. $45.95
    Wedding Star
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    Despicable Me Wedding Cake Topper The cuteness factor on these Despicable Me-like characters will be sure win over guests and add a little humor to your day.  Don't like the little yellow couple? You can order just about any human or non-human character.  $69.00
    Cynthia Keene
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    LEGO Wedding Cake Topper Nothing says love like LEGOs.   You tell the designer where you want your happy couple  --at the church, beach, synagogue -- and she'll make you a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  $100
    Valerie Glasser
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    Touch Down Football Wedding Topper Hut, hut, hike.  This is for true football fans.  You can even change the hair color on the figurines. $44.98
    Wedding Star
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    Upcycled Wedding Cake Topper Worried about the environment, as well as wedding plans?  Do your small part by ordering this unique topper made of recycled material, including vintage sheet music, old lace, flower and ribbons.   $85.00 
    Kimberly Heigle
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    Auto Mechanic Customized Wedding Cake  Sometimes you have to literally drag your guy from his car. This is perfect for those getting hitched to their loveable grease monkey. $76.95    
    Cynthia Niles
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    Sock Monkey Wedding Cake Topper  This serenading sock monkeys on a fallen tree log will make you swoon.   $100    
    Waxéla Sananda
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