The American Bible Society, which has given away thousands of Bibles to Kanye West fans after "Jesus Is King" increased searches online, has released its "Top Ten Best Bible Gifts for Christmas."

In its 2019 State of the Bible report, the organization found that 72 percent of Bible readers prefer a physical copy over a digital one, which was one of the inspirations behind the list.


"The Bible is the world's bestselling book," said Peter Edman, director of Scripture engagement content at American Bible Society. "But it can be difficult to choose the right one among the huge variety of editions and translations available."

The book of Psalms from Alabaster Co. (Alabaster Co.)

Alabaster Co., a millennial-owned startup that redesigned the Bible for the Instagram generation, landed the top spot this year.

"For many, a Bible isn't just any ordinary Christmas product or gift, it's a meaningful and impactful book that carries special memories and profound moments in people's personal lives," Brian Chung, Alabaster co-founder who was raised in a Buddhist household, told Fox News. "When someone gifts a Bible to a friend, they are gifting a book that can touch the human soul."

1. Best Bible for art lovers: Alabaster Psalms and Proverbs

Alabaster Co's books of Psalms and Proverbs are their most popular items created by millennials for millennials. (Alabaster Co.)

The two visual books, Psalms and Proverbs, have been their most popular ones of the holiday season.

Hailey Bieber recently shared an image from its Psalms book on her Instagram story.

Hailey Baldwin shared a photo of Alabaster Co's Psalms on her Instagram story. (Alabaster Co.)

"Psalms is a book of poetry telling the story of humans and their desire to know God," Chung said, "and Proverbs is a book on wisdom teaching humans how to live well in the world. Both are great starters for people wanting to get back into the Word or for people who are exploring faith for the first time."

2. Best Bible for families and English as a Second Language (ESL) Readers: CEV Extreme Faith Youth Bible 

The best-selling youth-focused Bible is affordable and has easy-to-read text appropriate for all ages and ideal for families to read aloud together.

The Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible is great for readers new to the English language.

3. Best Bible for seekers and new believers: NLT HelpFinder Bible 

The HelpFinder Bible offers an easily accessible edition of the New Living Translation with special guidance for readers.

For new believers, this edition tackles specific needs that readers might have and shows them where it can be found in the Bible.

4. Best Bible for people with disabilities or trauma: NLT Beyond Suffering Bible 

This Beyond Suffering Bible addresses those in pain and the people who love and care for them.

In addition to the text, the edition has devotional readings, profiles and notes to help aid readers in the hardest parts of their life.

5. Best coffee table Bible: Bible Project Coffee Table Book 

From "The Bible Project," the Coffee Table Book is "the entire collection of every diagram in the Read Scripture series alongside short, written summaries of each book."

While not actually a Bible, this beautiful book features illustrated summaries of each of the Bible's books to help readers understand the Bible's overall message. It is perfect for Bible studies or small groups.

6. Best Bible for history lovers: ESV Archaeology Study Bible 

The ESV Archaeology Study Bible includes informative articles and color photos of places and objects from biblical times.

With more than 2,000 study notes, 400 photographs and 200 maps and diagrams, the Bible and its history is brought to life in this edition.

7. Best Bible for literature lovers: CSB Reader's Bible 

This "uninterrupted" version of the Christian Standard Bible allows readers to view the Good Book without clutter or added text.

The unique reading experience invites readers to encounter God's word on a grand narrative and have a fresh experience with the Bible.

8. Best Bible for teens: Tyndale NLT Teen Life Application Study Bible 

The best-selling teen study Bible helps deal with real-life issues and includes real-life stories to help high school students.

With application-oriented features, the teen Bible helps them apply God's word to all areas of their lives in an authentic way.

9. Best Bible for managing finances: CEV Financial Stewardship 

The CEV Financial Stewardship Bible features over 2,000 verses on biblical stewardship, provision and trust.

The book also includes a unique study section for individual research and group discussion.

10. Best Bible for the generous of heart: Gift a Bible  

With as little as $5 you can gift a Bible to orphans, at-risk children, military service members, Chinese believers or other persecuted Christians who have never read the Bible before in their own language through American Bible Society's giving options.