Zachary Levi turns to the dark side in 'Heroes Reborn'

Zachary Levi returns to television in a darker role as Luke Collins in the miniseries “Heroes Reborn”—a continuation of the hit science fiction series “Heroes.”

“My only prerequisite was that I didn’t wanna play Chuck again. I wanted to play something that was darker and grittier and edgier and more f**ked up,” Levi told FOX411. “I just wanted somebody that had some problems.”

In “Heroes Reborn,” Levi and Judith Shekoni are husband and wife who are seeking vengeance for the death of their son. “The couple that kills together stays together," he joked.

Levi opened up about the character relationship on the show.

“The only thing that is keeping them together is the common enemy that they have determined is the common enemy in avenging their son,” he explained. “I think Luke particularly— and you will come to find through the series—losing our son affected us both in really deep and powerful ways but also in different ways and as a husband who is trying to show love to his wife I think he has found that this is the best way to show her love, which is strange.”

Shekoni felt honored to be a part of the show.

"I think that it pushes boundaries and I like the idea that people have special abilities, and I think that when I got Joanne, and although she didn’t have a special power, I think there was an element or quality to her that was still doing something outside of her norm," she said.

Although the husband and wife duo don’t possess powers, they dished on the superpowers they wish they had in everyday life. 

“I definitely want a power, still do, still wake up every day hoping beyond hope that someday my genes will mutate and I will be able to teleport” Levi said. Shekoni? Reading people's minds!

Joking around that Mariah Carey was Levi’s hero, he then told FOX411 what being a hero means to him.

“I think a hero is anyone who embodies self-sacrifice that uses whatever they have at their disposal—time, resources, energy to make other people’s lives better.”

Levi continued to express his excitement for the show and for his opportunity to work with NBC again.

“I was looking for an inroad back into series, but not a full blown series and then when heroes reborn was announced I thought (A) its back with NBC and I love NBC, and I was a fan of the original show and was a little envious of the sandbox that they all got to run around and fly in so I thought that could be cool and dip back into television and simultaneously try to find or develop whatever my next actual series series would be.”

“Heroes Reborn” returns Thursday on NBC.