Will Coco freeze her eggs on third season of ‘Ice Loves Coco’?

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Coco has stood by her man, rapper and actor Ice-T, for over a decade, but now with the debut of her Licious line at New York’s Fashion Week, a new business venture, Club Spartacus, and the lead role in “Peepshow” in Las Vegas, the blonde glamour model and entrepreneur is doing just fine all by herself.

The 33-year-old pin-up talked to FOX411 about the her recent career success, and how it’s impacting her desire to have a little mini-Coco (or mini-T) running around.

“There’s pressure from the world (to have a baby); pressure from my family and friends. Give a woman some air to breathe because every time I go back home they’re like, ‘Okay Coco, when are you going to do this?’” Coco told us. “There’s so much good stuff happening in my life. Do I really to say screw it, let’s have a baby right now and then put everything on hold? No, I still feel like I’m young. Let’s do everything I want to do and then have the baby.”

And although the reality star is in no rush to become a mom, she is thinking ahead.

“Maybe I should freeze my eggs. I did a little research. Alright, this is kind of interesting because when I am in my forties that would be a great thing to do but I’m still young. Maybe this is not the option for me.  I’m still back and forth with the idea,” she said.

Luckily the celebrity wife has a patient, supportive hubby.

“Since he (Ice-T) has children already, he’s not forcing me to have them anytime soon,” she said.

Which allows Coco to pursue her lifelong dream of being a Vegas showgirl. She will be replacing an expecting Holly Madison in the long-running revue ‘Peepshow’ this coming December.

“I know personally my whole background has been dance. Since I’ve been, 2, 3, 4 years old I started jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop. I did it all!  It’s so crazy to say, amongst your classmates when you’re dancing you’re talking about making it to Vegas,” she said. “What you’ve seen recently at “Peepshow” won’t be the same.  I heard Holly was not a trained dancer, so I’m going to take that spot.”

It’s just the latest step in Coco’s transition from the eye-catching woman behind her man to the woman in the spotlight.

“I was the model behind Ice when we walked down the red carpet because I didn’t want to talk,” she said.  “People thought I didn’t have a voice. Until recently I do.”

‘Ice Loves Coco’ Season 3 airs Sundays on E!.