‘Wild Things’ stars 15 years later: Where are they now?

In 1998, plenty of jaws dropped when “Wild Things” hit theaters—specifically because of the raunchy sex scenes, like the topless, a girl-on-girl pool scene between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell—two of the hottest starlets of the ’90s. Oh, and who can forget Kevin Bacon’s nude scene in the movie? Our friends at Snakkle.com catch up with these sexy stars, 15 years later!

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Neve Campbell as Suzie Marie Toller
By then a household name thanks to her roles in “The Craft” and the wildly successful “Scream,” Neve rocked red hair, dark lipstick, and Goth clothes as Suzie Toller, the girl from “the wrong side of the tracks,” who at first appears to be a pawn in the complicated scheme, but is later revealed to be a genius with an IQ of “around 200” who masterminded the whole thing.

Neve Campbell Now
After “Wild Things,” Neve Campbell graduated to more artistic films, like the critically acclaimed 2000 film, “Panic.” In 2011, she reprised her role as Sidney Prescott in the fourth installment of the “Scream” franchise, and a year later, she made guest appearances in “Grey’s Anatomy.” Neve also welcomed her first child, Caspian, with partner J.J. Feild last August.

Can you guess the celeb from their baby photo?

Kevin Bacon as Sergeant Ray Duquette
Ray Duquette—one of the detectives assigned to Sam Lombardo’s rape case—turns out to be a corrupt policeman who is actually in on the whole conspiracy to get Sandra Van Ryan’s money. Kevin Bacon, who at the time was already a big movie star with films like “Footloose,” “Tremors,” and “Apollo 13” under his belt, did his first totally nude scene for his “Wild Things” role.

Kevin Bacon Now
Bacon, who currently stars in the Fox drama series “The Following” as former FBI agent Ryan Hardy, has done over 20 films since “Wild Things,” including “Hollow Man,” “Trapped,” “The Woodsman,” and most recently, “X-Men: First Class.” Though he has never been nominated for an Oscar, the actor is considered, to this day, one of Hollywood’s greatest actors. In September of this year, Kevin will be celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary with wife Kyra Sedgwick.

Denise Richards' unknown roles

Daphne Rubin-Vega as Detective Gloria Perez
Daphne Rubin-Vega’s character was the only one who had doubts about Kelly Van Ryan’s tear-filled account of rape, which makes her seem more astute than her partner, Ray Duquette. But even she wasn’t immune to Sam Lombardo’s charm and sex appeal, and she immediately believed him when he suggested that Kelly was the one who had murdered Suzie Toller.

Daphne Rubin-Vega Now
The actress, who is also an accomplished singer and dancer, continued starring in Broadway productions after “Wild Things.” She played Magenta in the 2000 production of “The Rocky Horror Show,” and Fantine in a Broadway revival of “Les Misérables” in 2006. Since 1998, Daphne has released three studio albums—“Souvenirs,” “Rocket Man,” and “Redemption Songs.”