Why is Taylor Swift being called an 'Aryan goddess' by neo-Nazi groups?

Neo-Nazi groups have reportedly latched on to memes of Taylor Swift attributing quotes from Adolf Hitler to the "Shake It Off" singer to push the narrative that Swift is a closet fascist. But are those making the claims actually serious, or in on some sort of sick joke?

"Firstly, Taylor Swift is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry. Athena reborn. That's the most important thing," Andre Anglin, the writer of the white supremacist blog the Daily Stormer told the pop culture site Broadly. "It is also an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out and announce her Aryan agenda to the world. Probably, she will be betrothed to Trump's son, and they will be crowned American royalty."

It's unclear how exactly some neo-Nazis chose Swift as their icon, but some reports link the movement to a Pinterest user who has been posting memes of Adolf Hitler quotes and attributing them to Swift since 2013.

Her memes became so popular that Swift's lawyer sent Pinterest a letter asking the posts to be removed.

"The association of Ms. Swift with Adolf Hitler undisputedly is 'harmful,' 'abusive,' 'ethnically offensive,' 'humiliating to other people,' 'libelous,' and no doubt 'otherwise objectionable.' It is of no import that Ms. Swift may be a public figure or that Pinterest conveniently now argues that the Offending Material is mere satire or parody. Public figures have rights. And, there are certain historical figures, such as Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson and the like, who are universally identified in the case law and popular culture as lightning rods for emotional and negative reaction."

Pinterest however refused to take down the memes citing parody laws and the Pinterest user, whose real name is Emily Pattinson did not delete her board, according to Broadly.

"I didn't continue making the quote images, but I didn't delete my board either," she told Broadly.

Pinterest is not the only social media platform being used to push the conversation. A Facebook group called Taylor Swift for Fascist Europe has over 19,000 likes. The group, which is listed under the category "Comedian," was reportedly taken down and then reinstated by the social media giant.

A rep for Swift did not return FOX411's request for comment.