Why faith resonates with country music’s hottest stars

Ever wonder why country music and faith go together so well?  The new book “Country Faith” looks to explain this connection.

“Country Faith” features interviews with today’s top country acts, including Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley. It takes their favorite scriptures and pairs them with a description of why the Bible passages resonate with them and how it impacts their daily spiritual life.

Deborah Evans Price, renowned music journalist, has covered country, gospel and rock music for Billboard since 1994. She sat down with Fox News’ Lauren Green to discuss her role in conducting the interviews for the book and how the stories give readers an intimate look into the private side of these country celebrities as they discuss their faith.

“The Bible and you know the scriptures are very personal to these artists and the things that they’ve chosen are their favorites,” said Price.  “It really shows a lot about their personality.”

Price recalls when she first asked Carrie Underwood to participate in “Country Faith.”

“It’s funny, the first time I mentioned the book to Carrie Underwood and told her I’d like her to be a part of it she goes, ‘Oh my goodness this is great but this is so hard cause I kinda like the whole book.’”

Price discussed how she wasn’t met with many surprises when conducting the interviews -- with the exception of the depth of passion many of the artists have when it came to their faith.

“Talking to some of the younger artists as you mentioned, like Florida Georgia Line and Eric Paslay, a lot of these young artists that are just very passionate about their faith and they love country music,” said Price.  “I can’t really say that I was surprised, but I was just very encouraged and found it wonderful that some of these young artists cling to their faith so strongly.”

Watch the full interview with Deborah Evans Price in the video above.