Viral video vixen Rebecca Grant got a lot of social media attention for her “boob adjustment” at last Sunday’s Clippers game in Los Angeles. The sexy TV host joined us in our FOX411 Los Angeles studio on Tuesday to discuss her instant fame, when, for some reason, in the middle of the interview, the former FHM model yelled at her friend off-camera.

“Stop it! I’m sorry. This isn’t live,” she barked. Looking at her friend she continued. “What? I already said that. Stop it. Go away.”

FOUR4FOUR: 'Boob grabber' playing this perfectly? Watch below:

Luckily, before and after her mini-meltdown, Grant had no problem answering our questions about her sudden turn in the spotlight, and revealed how her overnight Internet fame might best help her going forward.

“I’m hoping that this entire experience makes me verified by Twitter because I’ve been a sports fanatic for a long time," she said. "I support a lot of teams. I have lots of professional players following me. They love my tweets.”

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    With 80,000 Twitter followers and counting, the social media diva’s many fans can expect to see Grant next in the stands at this Friday’s Clippers game.

    “I have almost the exact same seats," she said. "In fact; I think I should be an employee. I’m the biggest clippers fan in all of Los Angeles.

    Watch her on-air whoopsie below.

    But don’t expect Grant to follow in Katherine Webb’s "Splash" footsteps. (Webb was also discovered in the stands of a sporting event, rooting on her boyfriend, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.) Grant says she wants to be “better than Webb.”

    So far so good, as every time she gets in front of a camera, she seems to make headlines.