Viewers furious over Emmys skit packed with spoilers

Organizers of the Emmy Awards managed to annoy thousands of viewers after creating a montage of spoilers for hit television shows.

While finales are often revealed on social media, it is unlikely that boxset fans were expecting the industry's biggest awards ceremony to ruin things for them.

The film contained the endings to shows such as Nurse Jackie, Boardwalk Empire, Sons Of Anarchy and Mad Men.

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Host Andy Samberg was quick to acknowledge that many people would be upset about the spoilers.

"Welcome back to the spoiler awards. I guess everyone on every show died," he said after a break.

Unsurprisingly there was some anger on Twitter.

Dalton Ross tweeted: "The #Emmys just set the land-speed record for most spoilers per minute."

"That whole #Emmys montage celebrating shows that have ended was just a series of spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished any of those shows," wrote user Ashley Renee.

But there was a lack of sympathy from some who highlighted that many of the shows ended earlier this year and had been talked about widely on the Internet.

Kelly Sharon tweeted: "To everyone complaining about spoilers: most of those shows ended in the spring. If you haven't watched you're not going to."

Mad Men star Jon Hamm walked away with the lead actor prize at the Microsoft Theatre after an eight-year wait.

This article originally appeared in Sky News.