TV presenter allegedly assaulted for showing too much skin speaks out

A TV presenter in India is speaking out for the first time since she was allegedly assaulted by an audience member who reportedly thought her clothes weren’t covering enough skin.

"I'm only here to state that no one has the right to attack, hurt or torture anybody," actress Gauhar Khan said in a video statement. "Be it a woman or a man for exercising what one's personal thoughts and beliefs might be."

Indian police arrested Khan's alleged attacker and charged him with assault, causing hurt and criminal intimidation, Buzzfeed reports.

A video taken right after the alleged smack on the program "Raw Star" shows actress Gauhar Khan crying and Akil Malik, 24, walking away with his arm raised.

"Being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress," he reportedly said. "These days, boys who are minors are also committing crimes such as rape and molestation and many of them keep obscene photographs of actresses in their pockets. If actresses stop wearing short clothes, crime will decrease and lead to a better society."

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    "I completed the shoot post the attack only to send a message to all the girls and all the women of India: Stand up against this and keep your head help high," Khan said.

    Khan is a model turned actress with several big and small screen credits under her belt.