'The River' Actress Laura Donnelly on What It's Like to Kiss Hugh Jackman

Only a small percentage of the world's best actresses get to star in a Broadway play, and even less get to work alongside Hugh Jackman while doing so.

Laura Donnelly, however, can count herself among them.

As one of the two female leads in "The River" (and a soon-to-be favorite on STARZ's "Outlander"), Donnelly not only got to work closely with Jackman, but even shared a few steamy scenes with.one of Hollywood's hottest leading men.

"The best thing about working with Hugh Jackman is that he is — as everybody I think already knows — the nicest man on the planet," Donnelly gushed in an exclusive interview with FNM.

Plus, as an added perk of playing one of Jackman's love interests, Donnelly is one of the few women in the world who knows, quite definitively, whether or not he's a good kisser.

Curious for the answer? Hear what Donnelly had to say about it in the video above.