‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Commitment issues cause trouble

How does one manage to forgive a past indiscretion? Sometimes it's best to ask someone logical, who never relies on emotions. That’s why Leonard reaches out to Sheldon, who explains that when it comes to his dalliance with Mandy Chow, an eye for an eye is the only way to move on.

And just like that Sheldon, smoother than we’ve ever seen him, grabs a hold of Penny and delivers the kiss to end all kisses.

If the image horrified you, you were probably as relieved as Leonard to learn it was all just a dream. Though Leonard may have woken up from that nightmare, his less than 24-hour marriage is still in shambles. Penny can’t get over knowing her husband will see “The Other Woman” every day at work, so Leonard looks into marriage counseling. Unfortunately he hasn’t exactly budgeted for the expense so he instead decides to talk to Mandy Chow himself.

The rest of the gang is also coming to terms with the duos marital troubles. Raj is unhappy that Howard never told him about Leonard and Mandy’s kiss, after all, they’re best friends! Bernadette is feeling guilty that Howard did tell her about the incident, because she’s had to keep it from Penny for two years. It leads to one of the funnier scenes of the episode, where Penny goes to Bernadette and Amy for advice and Bernie makes sure to mention at the beginning and end of every sentence that she is very surprised by the latest revelations.

Penny explains this pill is so hard to swallow because she always thought Leonard was different than the other guys she’s dated, but he’s confident now and there are plenty of other women who’d be happy to date him. Bernadette counters that it’s a lot better to have someone be with you because they want to be rather than because they think they can’t get anyone else. Then quickly follows up with a reminder that she’s still processing all of this brand new information.

Leonard does finally speak to Mandy, who doesn’t seem to be as troubled by their long ago kiss as he is. She’s just relieved to that they didn’t sleep together. As the two catch up, Leonard ends up confessing his marital troubles and while she’s surprised to hear it wasn’t he and Sheldon that tied the knot, she does make some compelling arguments about Leonard’s tendency to self-sabotage.

Mandy suggests Leonard work things out with therapy, but he comes to a surprising conclusion as Mandy reluctantly listens. He was sabotaging the wedding because he was worried Penny would never see him as husband material. Just like that, Penny and Leonard are able to confess their insecurities and make up, finally heading off to consummate their marriage.

Not everyone is so lucky in love.

Sheldon is still not respecting Amy’s need for space, constantly video chatting her and at one point showing up at her home with a box of her belongings, as well as Penny’s lingerie. Amy sees through the ruse and tells him to get lost, but he reminds her of the “baby” they created together. The baby, of course, being their YouTube show, “Fun with Flags.” She tells him she’s done and he wonders why they can’t continue their working dynamic, like Sonny and Cher.

Sheldon is forced to film “Fun with Flags” alone, which leads to an episode that focuses on countries that have been torn apart by women. It’s clearly a message to Amy and one isn’t well received. Amy shows up to the apartment furious that he compared her genitalia to Czechoslovakia. After she leaves in a huff, Sheldon smiles and announces he’s going to get her back.