Stars of HGTV's New Show 'Novogratz' Give Budget Home Design Tips

Design stars Bob and Courtney Novogratz, sat down with Live on Thursday to discuss their new show and share some fun, affordable design ideas.

The husband-wife duo are not strangers to television. They first appeared on air with the show "7 By Design," named for their seven children. Their new show, "Home By Novogratz," premieres July 16 at 10pm EST on HGTV.

"We were really excited because this is really more about design," said Bob Novogratz."We also try to show people where to get stuff. We really try to show the viewer how to source all of these great ideas."

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So, what are some of these great design ideas? How about turning some of your most cherished photographs into wallpaper? Courtney Novogratz says that this can be done online and works  with one photo or a collage of photos, both of which are featured on the couple’s new show.

“We chose one signature wall, but the great thing is that as a family grows they can go to the next wall and continue adding photos,” said Courtney of one of their projects on “Home By Novogratz.”

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Don't look good in any pics? Then get creative with paint! Courtney says she particularly likes to mess around with stripe designs.

“Whether it’s an entire room or one signature wall, it is a fun way to be creative and unique. I think it is an interesting way to take paint to another step, meaning not just a solid wall—you can stripe stairs and you can use various colors.”

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