Source: Amanda Bynes isn't crazy, will likely get professional help soon

From donning crazy wigs in court to engaging in nonsensical twitter rants to allegedly tossing bongs from her high-rise Manhattan apartment, Amanda Bynes’ bizarre behavior has been in the headlines for months now. But according to an insider who has been in close communication with the former child star in recent days, she’s not always acting crazy.

“Amanda is actually very coherent and very together, she can easily chat about ‘normal’ things,” a source told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “She doesn’t have a drug problem; we won’t be seeing her OD. She knows there are others issues that she is willing to start addressing.”

Bynes, 28, was arrested last Thursday after cops claimed she threw a bong from her New York apartment. The actress later took to twitter with the bold proclamation that she was “sexually harassed” by an NYPD officer. However, we’re told that the whole experience has in some ways pulled her into line.

“Having to take a mug shot really scared her straight. You can’t take mug shots or go to jail with a wig, and she didn’t like not being in control,” explained the source. “Part of this whole thing has been an act, part of it a narcissistic plea for attention.”

According to our insider, full psychiatric evaluations were also performed on Bynes at the time, but it was determined by medical professionals that she was neither a danger to herself or society, and that no drugs were detected.

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“Don’t be surprised if Amanda checks into a rehab facility on the down-low sometime soon to deal with her anxiety and anger issues. She hasn’t quite hit that point yet, but she is open to accepting some help,” added the source. “And when Amanda decides she is really ready to come back and exceed in whatever business she wants to, she absolutely will.”