Sofia Vergara Dishes on Channeling Inner Alien in ‘Escape From Planet Earth’

Fresh off the heels of attending the Super Bowl in New Orleans, Colombian actress Sofía Vergara is back at work in Los Angeles promoting her latest project, the animated 3-D children’s movie, “Escape from Planet Earth.”

Wearing a curve-hugging, black Helmut Lang dress and carrying a bedazzled pink phone with her initials,Vergara jokingly told Fox News Latino that her alien character in the film “is hot.”

In “Escape from Planet Earth,” Vergara voices BNN reporter Gabby Babbelbrock, a clumsy blue alien that has panic attacks on the air and flirts with people she’s interviewing.

“She brings a reality to the news” said the actress, adding that that her character’s imperfections make her relatable.

“Escape from Planet Earth,” out in theatres February 15, is the Weinstein Company’s first attempt at animation.

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In the movie, Planet Baab’s famed astronaut, Scorch Supernova (voiced by Brendan Fraser) finds himself trapped on planet Earth. His family and alien friends try to save him and themselves from the evil forces of paramilitary leader General Shanker (voiced by William Shatner.)

The all-star cast includes Latino actors George Lopez, who plays a three-eyed slug-like alien named Thurman, and Jessica Alba, who voices Lena an intelligent, ambitious hopeless romantic.

“Certainly there was awareness of the (Latino) community, but the actors just fit the roles,” Cal Brunker, director and co-writer of “Escape from Planet Earth” told us about casting Vergara, Lopez and Alba. Vergara, in particular, was an easy choice according to the filmmaker, since in the movie her character is in a relationship with the hero of the story.

“We wanted a woman who was equally as strong against him and Sofia was a natural choice.”

As the feisty Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in “Modern Family,” Vergara is used to playing a tough lady.

In fact, that role recently garnered her fourth Screen Actors Guild award nomination for outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series, and a third Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress in a series.

No wins yet in those categories, but Vergara is excited about her character’s evolution on the show, which is currently in its fourth season.

“She’s more sensitive about everything,” said the Colombian actress. Gloria, who is typically hot-tempered, is now showing a softer side, as in the show she recently gave birth to baby boy Fulgencio Umberto Pritchett.

In real life Vergara’s son, Manolo, is a bona fide adult, having just turned 21 in September. But the actress told us her maternal instincts are still in full swing.

“My worries are always like ‘don’t get in a car when anyone is driving drink’…’use your head,’ as a mom you never stop worrying.”

Vergara, who is now in her early 40’s, told Fox News Latino that if faced with motherhood once more at this stage in her career, it would be a process of “learning how to delegate.“

“You have to learn to trust people and have people to help you,” she said.

The Colombian actress, who still considers herself a working mom, is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Although we are used to seeing her in comedic roles, Vergara has two movies in the pipeline that may show a different side of her acting skills: “Fading Gigolo” with Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and director John Turturro, and Robert Rodríguez’s action flick “Machete Kills.”

“I was so excited to work with her (Sharon Stone)” the actress gushed.

In Rodríguez’ “Machete,” Vergara plays a butt-kicking assassin.

“I was shooting (guns), and jumping and driving…and looking like crazy,” she said.

“He (Rodríguez) was great,” she continued. “He’s Latin, I always wanted to work with him,” added Vergara about having the opportunity to work with Rodríguez in the movie.