Sarah Silverman rips Trump at Tax Day rally: 'You’re a 3 at best'

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Sarah Silverman had some seriously harsh words for President Donald Trump at a march in New York City on Saturday that was organized on Tax Day to demand Trump release his tax returns.

“Show us your f--king taxes, you emotional child,” Silverman told the crowd in a rant captured on video and shared on social media.

The outspoken comedian added, “You like being a superficial bully? Here’s one for you: you are a three at best.”

Silverman was snapped carrying a sign that read “You’re a 3 at best.”

She shared other signs she made for the rally on Twitter including one that read, “Hey Donny, did you pay zero taxes in Rubles or dollars? CRIMINALS HIDE #Taxes”

Silverman initially supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election, and she threw her support behind Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton once Sanders was out of the race.