"Dancing With the Stars" season 19 runner-up Sadie Robertson feels heartbroken for current competitor Ryan Lochte.

The Olympian's "DWTS" debut was overshadowed by two men who charged the stage in anti-Lochte shirts. They were subsequently arrested.

"I can't imagine, it literally broke my heart when I saw that," Robertson said on "FOX & Friends" Tuesday morning. "And I know a lot of people have not the nicest things to say about him, but at the end of the day he's human you know, and we all mess up."

She added, "Oh, it just makes me so sad [to] think about."

Robertson also spoke to "FOX & Friends" about her upcoming "Live Original" tour.

"I know I talk about my faith a lot but [the idea for the tour] was literally from God. I don't know how I would have come up with this without Him" she shared.

"A lot of times it's an older generation speaking to a younger generation which is awesome and we need that wisdom but it's another thing to hear it from somebody your age and going through it with you so that was kind of the idea behind it."

The "Duck Dynasty" star is joined by family members and friends on her "Live Original 2016 Tour" for 17 nights of "motivational messages, live music and interactive sessions" kicking off on September 22.