Sadie Robertson on leaked Trump tapes: I'm still voting for him

Sadie Robertson is still on the Trump train.

The "Duck Dynasty" star told ET in August that she's voting for the Republican candidate. She explained why her vote is still with him when asked her thoughts on the leaked 2005 tape where Trump made lewd comments about women.

"That's a good question. I would say yes, I would be voting for Trump," she told "It doesn't mean that I agree with everything he says or that he's a moral person, but in the end it comes down to two people."

She added, "For me and my family, we agree with what Trump wants to do with America."

The reality star also spoke about how she deals with the negativity she often receives online.

"The overlying message is to be confident in who you are," the 19-year-old shared. "I think you just have to find out what you were truly created to do. We're always looking at other people's lives on Instagram and Twitter, and there's always somebody who's better than you or more successful than you. Don't do something that you know is going to hurt you. On Instagram, if you're following someone who makes you feel bad, unfollow. Remember that people can be having a bad day, but they post the one thing that's the best."