Rumer Willis Shares Gun-Toting Pics, Laura Donnelly Talks Kissing Hugh Jackman, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

Rumer Willis and photographer Tyler Shields have teamed up for a series of racy photos posted to Shields' Twitter account (and one to Rumer's Instagram, below). The photoshoot seems to tell the story of a woman, with a gun, who tries to evade capture by jumping from the side of a building. It's kind of like her father's movie "Die Hard," but only if John McClane wore a leotard the whole time.

Irish actress Laura Donnelly is gearing up to take STARZ's "Outlander" by storm, but in the meantime, she's making a splash in the Broadway production of Jez Butterworh's "The River." To learn a little more about the play — and hear what it's like to kiss co-star Hugh Jackman — check out our exlusive interview in the video above.

This past Thursday on Twitter, Britney Spears shared a promotional lingerie photo from her new line of Elvira intimates (below). As you can see, they're designed for style, comfort, and support, especially when breaking into someone's second floor bedroom through their huge French windows:

In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, Mila Kunis revealed that Natalie Portman is "the one person in the world" that both she and Ashton Kutcher have kissed (in the films "Black Swan" and "No Strings Attached," respectively). Kinda makes you feel bad for their newborn daughter Wyatt, doesn't it?

Jennifer Lawrence posed nude for the March issue of Vanity Fair, wearing nothing but a live boa constrictor and a come-hither look (below). On second thought, that might not be a come-hither look so much as a "holy crap, what the hell did I get myself into" face.

Following the Hollywood hacking debacle caused by "The Interview," Amy Pascal has announced that she'll be stepping down as the co-chairman of Sony Pictures. She's still going to work at Sony, though. She's just vacating her co-chair position, so some other schlub can take the blame for the next awful scandal that comes along.

As opposed to merely flushing it down the toilet like the rest of us probably would, Miley Cyrus mourned the death of her pet putterfish with an arm tattoo (below). But don't let Miley's actions make you feel like a terrible pet owner. Besides, there probably isn't enough room on your arms for tattoos of all the tiny creatures you've killed.

Actor Ian Ziering told CBS News that the third "Sharknado" film will be part disaster movie and part "road trip" movie, which hopefully means that he and one of the sharks (from the 'nado) buddy up for a cross-country adventure full of hijinks and hilarity before ultimately becoming the best of buds.

According to People magazine, Miranda Lambert's charitable MuttNation Foundation has given more that $200K to animal shelters across the United States. And according to us, Miranda Lambert's charitable MittNation Foundation has a really awesome, fun-to-say name.

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian posted a throwback bikini photo on her social media pages (below), perhaps to help us remember what she looked like when she wasn't going full-frontal for Paper and LOVE magazines.

A new dating app called High There! promises to match marijuana-loving singles with similar companions. It's only available in states where cannabis has been fully legalized, so the rest of us will have to pick out pot-friendly matches the old fashioned way: by scanning everybody else's Tinder selfies for Bob Marley or Grateful Dead tapestries.

Billboard magazine is predicting that Sam Smith will be the big winner at Sunday evening's Grammy Awards, but somebody needs to tell that to his face. (He looks sad all the time, is what we're saying.)

And finally, a "Game of Thrones"-themed restaurant called All Men Must Dine is slated to open its doors in London next week. If you live anywhere near the area, better make your reservations quick, before Queen Regent Cersei Lannister demands that all the good food be fed to the royal hounds.