Rumer Willis' Patriotic Bikini, Simone De La Rue's Beach-Body Workout, and More

Here's what everybody's talking about:

• On Saturday, "Dancing With the Stars" champion Rumer Willis shared a few photos of herself in a skimpy patriotic bikini while celebrating the Fourth in Las Vegas (above). Her friend and stylist Maeve Reilly is also pictured in an equally skimpy but less patriotic bikini (left), unless of course Maeve's strappy two-piece is an exact recreation of what the Statue of Liberty is wearing underneath her robes.

• Not quite in bikini-shape just yet? Don't worry. We recently asked celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue to demonstrated a few of her favorite beach-body workouts for our cameras. Watch the video below to follow along with her hips, thighs and buns exercises, then click here for the

• Billy Joel surprised guests at his annual July Fourth party by marrying his pregnant girlfriend Alexis Roderick right then and there. This officially marks his fourth trip down the aisle, and it also pretty much confirms he's trying to take a run at Elizabeth Taylor's record.

• According to People magazine, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher also got married in a secret ceremony over Fourth of July weekend. (Perhaps catering companies charge less when unsuspecting guests have already filled up on hot dogs and star-shaped wedges of cheddar?)

• This past Sunday on Instagram, Miley Cyrus shared a photo of herself, along with her dog Emu, chowing down on a humongous pizza whilst sitting in the oversized pizza box and wearing dinosaur footie pajamas (below). For anyone familiar with Cyrus, it should come as absolutely no surprise that this is how she takes her meals.

• Former "Saved By the Bell" actress Tiffani Theissen and her husband Brady Smith welcomed a baby boy last Thursday, whom they named Holt. We're not sure if it's a family name, or if there's some special meaning behind it, but one thing is certain: It's still a much cooler name than Screech.

• On the morning of July Fourth, Kendall Jenner shared a selfie on Instagram in only a sheer top and some underwear (below). She then captioned the shot with the word "Coffee?", perhaps in reference to the only thing she planned on eating during the day's festivities, so as to make us all feel worse about the two buckets of potato salad we consumed. Thanks, Kendall!

• Despite breaking up in March, Katy Perry and John Mayer were spotted at one of the Grateful Dead's farewell concerts in Chicago, and at one point, the two were even photographed embracing. Or, more accurately, they appeared to embracing in that lethargic, semi-lucid-looking way that only Deadheads can embrace at one of these things.

• Pop singer Demi Lovato fell on her face during a performance in Los Angeles on Sunday, but quickly recovered and jumped into a nearby pool (below). For some reason, though, she decided to share a video of the incident on social media instead of sending it directly to "America's Funniest Home Videos" where it rightly belongs:

• And finally, as revealed in court papers obtained by the New York Daily News, the doctor accused of botching Joan Rivers' laryngoscopy last September has denied any wrongdoing. She also denies that any of the doctors in the operating room snapped photos while Rivers was unconscious, which we didn't even suspect was a thing doctors did. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to place a call to our endodontist.