Roseanne Barr defends Kanye West: People 'do not want to hear the truth'

Roseanne Barr is on Kanye West's side.

The outspoken actress took to social media on Thursday to voice her support for one of the points Kanye West has recently made on Twitter about Chicago, the city he is from.

Barr said West is “telling the truth” about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s city.

“Ppl (sic) do not want to hear the truth-that Chicago could be a better city for its citizens, but the establishment is corrupted,” Barr wrote.

The city of Chicago has become known for violence and has earned a reputation as one of America’s most violent cities. President Trump once called the city a “war zone” with “people being shot left and right.”

Last week, West famously tweeted, “Obama was in office for eight years and nothing in Chicago changed.”

Emanuel, who Barr referenced in her tweet, served as Obama’s chief of staff before his tenure as mayor of Chicago. West also tweeted about building houses in Chicago with fellow Windy City native Chance the Rapper, who jumped into the conversation, tweeting “black people don’t have to be democrats.” Chance later clarified that his tweet was in support of West — not Trump, as the exchange followed a series of pro-Trump tweets from West.

West has ignited a firestorm of reactions with recent comments about slavery, Trump, former President Obama and even Harriet Tubman. The controversial comments have created a buzz on Twitter — with fans arguing over his recent state of mind. While the “Roseanne” star has expressed support for West, other celebrities such as singer John Legend have condemned his rhetoric.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has been slamming suggestions that he is mentally ill.

"He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed in America? Because some of his ideas differ from yours you have to throw in the mental health card? That’s just not fair," Kardashian tweeted on April 25. "He’s actually out of the sunken place when he’s being himself, which is very expressive."

Much like West, Barr has taken heat for publically supporting Trump.

On Monday night, Barr sat down with Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s "The Tonight Show," and the host asked about her political views, which have caused some controversy.

“Oh yeah, people are mad about that. But you know, I don’t give a f---,” Barr told Fallon.

“I mean, everybody had to choose for themselves, according to their own conscience, who they felt was the lesser of two evils,” she said of the 2016 election.

Fox News’ Jennifer Earl contributed to this report.