Robert Shapiro Resigns As Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Hours Before She Is to Surrender

Just one day before she was to surrender to Los Angeles authorities, Lindsay Lohan’s reported new lawyer decided to part ways from the star’s high profile case.

Celebrity attorney Robert Shapiro reportedly resigned from Lohan’s case Monday, forcing her old attorney Shawn Chapman Holley to represent the troubled actress once again.

Pop Tarts spies spotted Shapiro strolling into Judge Revel’s office at the Beverly Hills Court house at around 4 p.m., presumably to announce his stepping down. Holley is rumored to have no choice but to continue as Lohan’s legal representative, even though she announced her resignation a couple of weeks ago.

A rep was unable to confirm Shapiro’s departure Monday night.

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Last week the troubled star spent some time in a “sober living house” owned by Shapiro, but learned Lohan wanted ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson to visit at all hours of the night, and wanted rules bent and broken to suit her lifestyle – frustrating Shapiro to no end.

Sources added that Lohan was looking specifically for a lawyer who would keep her out of jail, despite the improbability of her wishes.

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But according to a report from, sources from the Lohan camp insist Holley “never really left.”

“Bob had been there guiding us … he was great, but he was just consulting, that’s all he ever was.”

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Holley never signed the substitution of attorney form last Friday, effectively keeping her as the official lawyer on the case, Radar reported.

But despite claims to the contrary, it seems Lohan’s legal situation was undoubtedly thrown into some form of  limbo in the 11th hour before her surrender. Still, sources tell that she remained “convinced she wouldn’t be doing time.”

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“There is still a lot of buzz about her filing an appeal,” said an insider on late Monday night. “She is in shock, and convincing herself it isn’t happening.”'s Hollie McKay contributed to this report.