Report: Kirstie Alley Launches Weight Loss Product

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Actress Kirstie Alley is ready to launch a weight loss company geared toward helping average overweight American, according to multiple reports.

Alley, a former spokeswoman for weight loss firm Jenny Craig, founded Organic Liason, a company that will support dieters, as well as develop a series of slimming products.

The “Cheers’ star says she has already dropped twenty pounds over the course of eight weeks with the help of her new slimming “elixir.”

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According to reports, Alley says, “Im not a doctor or a nutritionist – I’m a regular person like you who has been struggling with her weight and searching and praying for a weight loss program to end that forever.”

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Alley told People magazine last year that her love of butter contributed to her gaining a whopping 83 pounds after dropping 70 with Jenny Craig.

But now, Alley says her prayers have been answered with the development of her product.

“I can promise you our certified weight loss elixir, Rescue Me, takes on excess hunger and cravings. It will support your body and flood your body with the missing elements that make weight loss an uphill battle.”

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Alley will also document her battle of the bulge in a new reality show on the A&E network.

According to Us magazine, “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life” will premiere on March 21.