Rachel Ray thinks new 000 size is 'ridiculous'

Rachel Ray promises you’ll never see her in a size 0. The genial TV chef told The New York Daily News that she had recently seen a report about J. Crew shilling size 000 clothes.

“(It’s) the most silly, asinine thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life,” Ray said. “What human with any sort of reasoning skills wants to be a 000? It’s just ridiculous.

“Is there a need for triple 0? No, nor is there a need for great excess. I think everything is best somewhere in the middle,” she continued. “I don’t think you can have a valid conversation about anything unless you are in your right mind, and unfortunately whether you’re starving yourself or overeating, I think that puts us in the wrong mind. It affects your mental state when you’re feeling any extreme. I think everyone’s healthiest in the mind when we’re somewhere in the middle.”

The 45-year-old host regularly works out at the gym but has a small problem that is highly embarrassing. She perspires a lot.

“I’m a big sweater. I’m disgusting at the gym,” she said, laughing. “A river runs through it."

“It’s disgusting,” she continued. “I’m sort of embarrassed for anybody working out near me and sees me wiping down the machines and how much sweat there is. I get multiple wipes, actually. I come back with a whole roll. I only own black workout clothes because of it,” she said. “I’ve tried gray and I can’t. I’m like, I’m grossing myself out.”

The famously animal loving Ray is promoting a line of her own “Nutrish” cat food. All proceeds go to animal charities.