Paz de la Huerta Talks About Amy Winehouse, Assault Charges & Directing New Film

Paz de la Huerta has kept herself busy between court dates for the altercation she had with reality star Samantha Swetra last Spring.

The "Boardwalk Empire" actress is directing a film which she calls her version of The Red Shoes, The New York Observer is reporting.

"I’m finishing directing a film of mine,” she told the daily. It’s "about a woman who‘s unique, and lives in a small village, and is ostracized for being different, for being talented, and then she makes a horrible mistake and because the people in the village are so—you know—jealous of her, they don’t forgive her.”

De la Huerta, who will be acting out the role of the woman, added how this film is a “very important story to tell, especially in an age when the media has to take responsibility for their actions.”

“Look what just happened to Amy Winehouse! Maybe had she not seen so many bad pictures of herself she would have gotten more self esteem,” Ms. Huerta offered, “and not been so self-destructive.”

As to her legal affairs, de la Huerta is trying to stay positive, reinforcing her attorney’s abilities. “I’m not nervous, I have an amazing lawyer,” de la Huerta told The New York Observer. “I learned a lesson from that and it’s important to stay away from publicity-seeking people. You know?” She said, referring to Swetra.

“I just hope for the best outcome,” de la Huerta added. “I want to move on with my life.”

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