'Pawn Stars' tough guy Rick Harrison reaches out to young autistic fan

He may seem like a tough guy when he’s haggling over prices and berating Chumlee, but “Pawn Stars” mogul Rick Harrison has a heart of gold.

The History Channel star quietly sent a very special letter to one of his devoted fans, an autistic boy who reached out to Harrison to sell his Game Boy, Fox News confirmed.

The boy’s mother shared Harrison’s reply on Reddit, explaining that she sent her son’s letter along with an attached note she wrote explaining his condition and his love of “Pawn Stars.”

"Little J is a huge fan of the TV show, ‘Pawn Stars’ and he talks about the show incessantly,” she wrote on Reddit. “I encouraged him to write them a letter, which he did, and he offered to sell his Game Boy to them for $30. I added a cover letter, describing J and his autism, and although I told them that I didn't expect them to actually buy his [Game Boy], I did ask if they could at least reply.

“They went above and beyond.”

Harrison wrote back, including a signed photo of the cast and $30 for the Game Boy, which he told the boy to keep.

“I'm donating the Game Boy back to you for being such a loyal viewer, so keep enjoying it and think of us when you play with it,” the star wrote. "Chumlee says thank you, because he already has one and you were right, he does like it. You have a wonderful Mom who loves you very much. You are a lucky Boy. Always pay attention to what she tells you.

“You stay healthy and enjoy the New Year."

Harrison told "Fox & Friends" he really didn't think the letter sent to the fan was such a big deal, and he had forgotten about it until news outlets discovered the story when the mother posted about it on Reddit.

"I totally forgot about it until I started getting calls from a gazillion reporters," he said. "Celebrities, especially people with shows that kids watch a lot-- there's a lot of kids that watch my show-- should be doing this on a regular basis."