Paris Jackson Struggling the Most With Father’s Death, Getting to Know Mom Debbie Rowe

On this day one year ago, America lost two of its biggest icons.

Early in the morning, Farrah Fawcett’s lengthy battle against cancer came to an end, and just a few hours later, and just a few miles away, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead – spurring a global outpouring of shock, grief, and ever-evolving controversy and drama.

It still remains to be seen whether Dr. Conrad Murray will be held responsible for Jackson’s death, the family is embroiled in a blame game, Joe Jackson filed a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoters AEG, the estate is reportedly still trying to level out the massive debt the King of Pop left, and there are some ugly issues now brewing regarding Katherine Jackson’s former daughter-in-law, Alejandra, (who has two children with Jermaine and two children with Randy – remember, the Jackson clan is a complicated one) as the Estate reportedly wants her booted from the Havenhurst home that she and her kids share with Katherine and Michael’s three children.

REPORT: Joe Jackson Suing Dr. Conrad Murray for Wrongful Death.

Yet in spite of all the theatrics that continue to shroud Michael Jackson’s legacy, we’re told his children have adjusted very well to leading a somewhat more “normal” existence, but out of everyone close to MJ, it is his 12-year-old daughter Paris who is struggling the most to move on without him.

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“She has pictures of Michael plastered over all her walls and is really attached to all his memorabilia,” a family insider told Pop Tarts.

While its believed that the Prince, Paris and Blanket often listen their father’s music, we’re told they’re into a very broad range of artists and genres, and may very well follow in their famous father’s footsteps.

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“In time, it’s very much expected that they will go into the entertainment industry to some capacity,” added our insider. “Could be music or acting – it was really embedded in them from day one.”

Last year, Pop Tarts exclusively reported that Michael’s eldest son Prince was slated to make his stage debut and perform a track with his dad during the string of highly-anticipated “This Is It” London shows.

And although Jackson died a year ago, it has only been in the last couple of months that the biological mom of Prince and Paris, Debbie Rowe, (Blanket was born via a surrogate who signed away all parental rights) has been making contact with the children. We’re told that the visits have been happening on a regular basis, and thus far the children have thoroughly enjoyed being properly introduced to her, and getting to know Rowe for the first time.

A rep for Rowe did not respond for comment.

Jackson's three children have also apparently thrived in having the opportunity to interact with their cousins, who are of similar ages, and being able to slip discreetly into movie theaters and karate classes is still quite a novelty. But under their grandmother’s guardianship, there are plenty of rules and regulations.

“Katherine is really carrying the torch as a mom and hasn’t missed a beat,” said longtime Jackson family friend and biographer, Stacy Brown. “But she has a lot of things in common with Joe – Katherine is a strong, stern disciplinarian. They wouldn’t want to misbehave.”