Pamela Anderson said she's never felt pretty enough to be a model

Even this "Baywatch" bombshell has her insecurities.

Pamela Anderson, who holds more Playboy covers than any other woman, revealed it took her decades to believe she was beautiful.

"I've just signed with Next Modeling agency for commercials and appearances. That is funny. I've never felt pretty enough to be a model," Anderson told Parade. "I think I've provoked feelings with how I look. But not as a beauty but as a mischievous little rascal!"

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Anderson, who turned 47 in the summer said she doesn't fear getting older even in an industry that is youth-obsessed.

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    "I don't really feel like I want to chase youth. I want to get old," she explained. "I want to experience all the seasons of my life. I just don't want to be afraid of it. And I think in this industry you're surrounded by a lot of fear of getting older and fear of your looks leaving you. And I thought, 'Well, I'm lucky then, because I never really felt that great looking.' I felt like I had fun. I felt like I could be sexy. I could be provocative and I could use my image to get attention for things that I cared about."

    The former "Stacked" star said it was her mother that taught her that beauty comes from within. Now a mom herself of two sons, she hopes to teach them similar life lessons.

    "I want [my sons] to respect women. I say even if it’s just for mom," she told the magazine. "I haven’t given them too many shining examples in our personal life. I still struggle with self worth and trying to fix people. I’m surrounded by broken toys."

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