Olivia Munn's Sheer 'Mortdecai' Gown, Ingrid Hoffman's Drunken Steak Fajitas, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

"Mortdecai" actress Olivia Munn arrived for the L.A. premiere of her new film wearing a sheer, see-through dress with only black panels across the chest. As a fun game, see if you can pick her out from the cast photo below. (We know this is hard, what with the many sheer dresses on display, but give it your best guess.)

The frat guys across the quad have reminded us that it's Thirsty Thursday, so there's only one appropriate meal to cook for dinner: drunken fajitas, made with tequila-marinated steak. Check out the video above to learn the recipe from celebrity chef (and Thirsty Thursday party girl) Ingrid Hoffmann.

Back to the "Mortdecai" premiere: Gwyneth Paltrow, too, showcased some skin at the event, although in a much less obvious way: via the sleeve-holes of her dress (see below). Perhaps this clever outfit was a metaphor for how the film's clever titular character. Or maybe she just wanted us to see her sideboob. Both are good guesses.

Miley Cyrus shoved her cleavage in our faces in a recent Instagram post (below), and captioned the photo with the question, "Do yiew tink if I push muah t[***]ies up I'll get mo followahhhzzzz?" We hope that's rhetorical, because of course that's how it works. We're surprised she didn't know that.

During an appearance at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Luke Bryan announced plans to embark on a international "Kick Up the Dust Tour." You can learn how to get tickets here, but be sure to wear your least favorite cowboy boots to these concerts. This Luke Bryan guy is gonna be kicking dust all over the place.

On Wednesday, Victoria's Secret released a teaser for their upcoming Super Bowl ad starring their Angels as football players (below). But we think we speak for everybody when we urge those women to refrain from taking their helmets off at the end. We wouldn't want anything to happen to those beautiful, beautiful faces, and we're sure the people they financially support would agree.

Robin Thicke's estranged wife Paula Patton might be called to testify in his court case with Marvin Gaye III, who has accused Thicke of ripping off his father's music. Or at least that's what we're told. We're still not entirely convinced that all this isn't part of Thicke's elaborate ruse to win Paula back.

On Wednesday, Cara Delevingne shared a few shots from her John Hardy jewelry campaign on Instagram (below). Our most observant readers might notice that she's topless in that first image, but we couldn't fault you if you missed that. Who can look anywhere but at that glamorous jewelry, amirite?

According to an insider on the set of E!'s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Bruce Jenner is going to address his controvertial appearance on an upcoming episode. We assume that means he'll discuss his alleged cross-dressing habit, but we'd be just as interested to learn where he gets his gold shirts. We can't lose!

Actor Rider Strong, formerly of "Boy Meets World" and currently of "Girl Meets World," confirmed to People magazine that he and wife Alexandra Baretto have welcomed their first child, a boy named Indigo. We couldn't be happier, especially because we can think of no one more appropriate to introduce a newborn boy to "world."

"Fifty Shades of Grey" actress Dakota Johnson made a nearly nude cameo in a new music video from the soundtrack of her upcoming film (below), confirming once and for all that this "Fifty Shades" movie is not something you'd want to watch with your mother. This thing is all about the sex, isn't it?!?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she has "a little bit of a lazy eye, which they always have to correct in photos." That comes as a surprise, because we weren't aware they could fix "lazy" stuff after our photos were taken. If that's the case, we'd like someone to work on our lazy undereyes, our lazy thighs, and some of that laziness under our forearms.

And finally, when asked if George Clooney was the best or worst kisser she's ever worked with on-screen, Jennifer Lopez remarked that he was "OK." She was probably just being diplomatic, but let's all just assume that Clooney is terrible at smooching, OK? That guy's got it too good; he could stand to be knocked down a peg.