Natalie Morales: George Clooney's many canceled shows keep me hopeful

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Even though Natalie Morales made a funny Snapchat video documenting the cancellation of her show “The Grinder” last month, the actress said her smiles were there to mask her sadness.

“I’m used to it, sadly. It happens a lot in this business," Morales told us in FOX411's New York studio. "My only comfort was that George Clooney was on a bunch of TV shows that also got cancelled, and he’s George Clooney now!”

The newly blonde TV star added that while “The Grinder” didn’t make it, even her previous show, “Parks and Recreation,” with a rabid following, was consistently on the brink of being cancelled.

“Actually ‘Parks and Rec’ wasn’t really watched that much live either. They actually had a lot of ratings trouble every year, and were kind of on the chopping block, and they made it because it was so beloved,” Morales said.

If the TV comedy thing doesn't work out for Morales, she can always to try subbing in for her namesake, news anchor Natalie Morales. In fact the two have already talked about pulling a fast one.

“I have pitched it as an April’s Fool’s joke and we almost did it this April’s Fool but she was on assignment somewhere, and now she’s not on the ‘Today Show’ anymore so I don’t know if we can do it with her new job," Morales (the actress) laughed.

The 31-year-old actress is a tireless proponent of closing the wage gap in Hollywood - and everywhere.

“I hope the more people talk about it the bigger light is shed on it because I think that people have always talked about it and women have always talked about it but lately I think women sticking up for themselves as far as getting equal treatment is not seen as so annoying," she said. "Which is great, because I talk about it a lot.”