MSNBC dusts off 1990s comedian Sinbad to slam 'post-dementia' President Trump

MSNBC fired up the wayback machine and turned to 1990s comedian and former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant Sinbad to slam President Trump on Thursday.

MSNBC host Ari Melber said the "Coneheads" star was qualified to comment on the president because the country is engaged in a “culture war” and Sinbad is “a figure in the culture." Melber asked, “Why do you think he’s picking these fights with everyone from the NFL to [Robert] De Niro?”

“There is two different Donald Trump’s. There is the Donald Trump of the 90s… Now you’ve got this other one. The post-dementia Donald Trump who just loves picking fights because I think he’s a lonely man,” Sinbad said.

Sinbad then claimed Trump “never really had a lot of friends” and has always wanted to be “popular.”

Sinbad appeared alongside Trump on “Celebrity Apprentice” back in 2010. Trump fired him in the second week of the season.

Sinbad has been salty about getting fired by Trump for years, and expressed regret that he didn’t mock Trump’s hair to his face during a HuffPost interview in 2013. It’s unclear if he has had any contact with Trump in the past eight years but that didn’t stop him from analyzing the president.

“He wants to be a celebrity, and he loves being able to Twitter slam people because he can’t meet them face to face. He’s not good with that,” Sinbad said despite the fact that he was once fired, face-to-face, by Trump.

The comedian then called Trump a “keyboard gangsta” who “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

Sinbad said Trump didn’t want to be the president and was simply aiming to land a TV show out of the popularity he gained during the 2016 campaign. Melber did not remind Sinbad that Trump actually had to walk away from his TV show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” to pursue a political career.

Sinbad’s appearance on MSNBC comes two weeks after fellow 1990s celebrity Tom Arnold was given a platform on both CNN and MSNBC to go after the president. Arnold promoted an upcoming Vice series called “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes" that is expected to focus on would-be damaging recordings of the president that Arnold once claimed to own.

The comedian said on KIRO radio's "The Dori Monson Show" after the election that he was sent the outtakes as part of a "Christmas video" by producers of the show. He said they sent it around as a "funny" video when Trump announced his candidacy and they had no faith he had a chance of winning.

"I have the outtakes to 'The Apprentice' where he says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever," Arnold claimed.

The Republican National Committee recently released a video called “The Left in 2018: Unhinged,” that depicts irrational rhetoric and actions aimed at Trump by comedians such as Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee.