Liam Neeson was 'joking' about dating 'incredibly famous' woman

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Talk about lost in translation.

Liam Neeson made headlines around the world when he revealed recently he was dating an “incredibly famous” woman, but it turns out he was just joking.

Seven years after his wife Natasha Richardson died in a skiing accident, the "Taken" star told the Independent he’s moving on with his life.

“I’d embarrass her if I said her name, she’s incredibly famous. I’ll have to do my best for her.”

After the quote was published, the Internet lit up with people guessing who the famous female was, with names such as Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth being bandied about.

But it turns out the 63-year-old star was just having a bit of a laugh.

“He was joking with an Irish journalist while conducting an interview promoting a documentary, and the humorous tone of that statement did not translate in the printed version of the interview,” said Neeson’s rep to People.

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