LeAnn Rimes wants a pet pig, Tori Spelling brags about hers

LeAnn Rimes wants Eddie Cibrian to know something – she’s ready for an addition to the family!

The singer tweeted Monday that she wants her husband to adopt a mini pig, according to People magazine.

“ Quote of the day …. ‘pigs are not stupid’ Trying to convince Eddie to get a mini pig. I want one,” Rimes, who recently renewed her vows with her husband, wrote.

Rimes even got a little encouragement from pal Tori Spelling, who herself is mom to a pig.

“Here’s ours but [it] didn’t stay mini,” Spelling wrote, attaching a pic of her pet pig, Hank.

The conversation continued when Rimes fell in love with little Hank, writing “Adorable!!!!!” in response.

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