LeAnn Rimes Jumps For Joy, Ari Gritz Targets Our Abs, and Much More

Here's what everybody's buzzing about:

• On Wednesday, LeAnn Rimes flaunted her enviable beach body in a skimpy bikini photo on Instagram (above). And thank heavens she did! It's been almost four whole days since her last swimwear snap; we were starting to worry if she had forgotten how.

• Now that LeAnn's photo has us feeling a little soft in the middle, we're thinking we should probably do something about it. Luckily, we recently met with Ari Gritz of Crunch Fitness for three of her favorite ab-toning exercises, including leg extentions and two kinds of planks. Follow along in the video below, then get the

• Despite reports that he hasn't been home to see his kids in a month, Scott Disick shared an emotional Instagram post in honor of daughter Penelope's third birthday. Underneath a collage of her photos, he wrote, "1 of the only things I'm proud off [sic] about myself." (We assume the other things he's proud of are his two other kids with Kourtney, but knowing Scott, it's entirely possible he's talking about a watch he owns and maybe one of his cars.)

• Blake Lively debuted her new "bronde" hairdo earlier this week on Instagram (below), joking in the caption that "brondes have more fun." (For those of you who don't know, "bronde" is a popular new hair color somewhere between brown and blonde, and Blake Lively is a woman who used to appear in movies from time to time.)

• Marisa Tomei has been cast as Peter Parker's Aunt May in Sony's upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot. At just 50 years old, Tomei is reportedly the youngest actress to portray the character on screen, and quite possibly the first to win in a contest of "Who Would You Rather?" against whoever they get to play Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane.

• Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, perhaps taking a page out of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's playbook, have reportedly gone on a "divorce retreat" in the Bahamas after announcing their split. So while "Bermuda is for lovers," it starting to seem like the Bahamas "are for broken shells of couples living out the last gasps of their failed relationships."

• "Ghostbusters" director Paul Feig tweeted out a photo of the new Ectomobile from his upcoming reboot of the franchise (below), perhaps to confirm that the new cast will still be driving a hearse-like Cadillac around Manhattan. He also pretty much confirmed that his Ghostbusters still can't afford a new vehicle for their fledgling company, but sprang for the vanity plates anyway

• "Blue Bloods" actor Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing several truckloads of water from a fire hydrant in Thousand Oaks, California — during a drought, no less — possibly to irrigate his avocado farm in nearby Hidden Valley. There's only one way to know for sure, though: Taste Tom Selleck's guacamole. If it's moister and more succulent than it has any right to be, haul him off to prison.

• Pop singer Ariana Grande was recently captured on camera licking a doughnut at a California bakery when the employee's back was turned, and heard remarking "I hate America" when presented with an oversized doughnut (below). She has since apologized for the comment, but conspicuously, she made no similar apology for sullying the doughnut. Has she no decency?

• In what we're expected to believe is completely unrelated news, Ariana Grande has dropped out of this year's MLB All-Star Concert in Cincinnati, citing an "emergency oral surgery" she's still recovering from. Demi Lovato has graciously stepped in and replaced Grande as the headliner, so be sure to inform any die-hard MLB fans of the change. Hopefully they won't be too disappointed.

• And finally, Lionsgate has released a new poster for "Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2," in which Katniss, clad in red armor, is seen sitting calmly on what appears to be President Snow's white throne (below). This can only mean one of two things: that Katniss triumphs over Snow in the end, or that all Sears Portrait Studios in Panem have a "President Snow" backdrop for formal portraits like these.