Winning "American Idol" and becoming an overnight sensation certainly has its benefits, but it has its downside too, depending on who you ask. Our reigning Idol Kris Allen certainly got more than he had anticipated when a crazy female fan tried to have her way with the star...

"This woman was taking a picture with me, but right before the picture was taken she grabbed my face and stuck her tongue down my throat," Allen revealed to Tarts at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

But what did his wife have to say of the incident?

"She just laughed, she thought it was so funny," Allen said.

And even though the pressure of the hit reality show is all well and truly over, the Arkansas native is still feeling the heat.

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"Its a different kind of pressure now, now you have the camera on you and this whole lifestyle," Allen explained. "I don't mind it though."

And what advice does the 24-year-old have to those who want to follow in his footsteps?

"Be yourself," Allen added. "Just go out there and sing your face off ..."

However Sunday night’s AMAs proved that winning “Idol” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be the most talked about singer of your season. While Allen had a presenting duty at the awards show, his runner-up Adam Lambert got a lot more exposure and put on quite the crouch-grabbing, gyrating show ahead of his debut album dropping this week.

“Both of us are going to be compared to each other for awhile, probably until the next 'Idol' happens,” Allen said. “Adam is definitely out there and he does his thing with electro-dance rock music and I do my thing which is laid back chill pop music which is cool.”