Kourtney Kardashian's Nude Maternity Photos and Lauren Cosenza's Supermodel Makeover Tips

Here's everything worth reading about today:

Kourtney Kardashian recently posed for DuJour magazine in various states of undress (her least revealing pic is posted below). And though she's currently eight months pregnant, her body still failed to produce the kinds of bulbous protrusions her sister displayed in Paper magazine last month.

Wanna know the secret to looking like a Victoria's Secret model? Well, aside from spending hours in the gym on a daily basis (and hailing from Brazil), all it takes is the right makeup. Check out the video above to see how Victoria's Secret makeup artist Lauren Cosenza creates the signature Angel look we always see on the runway.

Speaking of Victoria's Secret, Taylor Swift basically performed in lingerie at Tuesday night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London (photo below), most likely because she was trying to put the models out of work by fulfilling the show's quota for live entertainment and leggy ladies in one go.

Actor Armie Hammer, best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in "The Social Network" and the Lone Ranger in "The Lone Ranger," welcomed his first daughter with wife Elizabeth Chambers on Monday. The baby's name has yet to be revealed, so we can only hope he resisted the urge to give her some kind of "Hammer" pun in place of a proper name, much like his parents did to him.

On Monday, Jessica Simpson shared a photo from her recent visit to the Rita Hazan Salon (below), where she dyed her hair a shade of platinum blonde normally reserved a Smurfette. Or Judy Jetson, if that analogy is more to your liking:

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking told Wired magazine that he'd be interested in playing a James Bond villain, mostly because he thinks his chair and voice "would fit the part." (A note to film producers: Give this man the part. If not, he has the know-how to become a James Bond villain in real life.)

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne have been chosen to grace the cover of LOVE magazine's February issue (below), where they seem to be re-enacting that famous kissing/embracing scene from "The Notebook." (For LOVE's purposes, Cara was the "Ryan Gosling.")

Speaking of baby names, a parenting website called BabyCenter has determined that Sophia is the top baby name of 2014 (for girls), which just goes to prove what we've always said: Estelle Getty was everybody's favorite on "The Golden Girls"

"Sin City" actress Rosario Dawson reportedly adopted a 12-year-old girl last month, which is one of the nicest, most caring things someone can do. It's also one of the smartest things someone can do, as Dawson effectively skipped the whole changing-diapers phase.

Hilary Duff's older sister Haylie Duff announced her pregnancy via Instagram on Tuesday. She posted a photo of a pair of tiny pink Air Jordans (below), which some took as a subtle hint that Haylie is expecting a girl, and perhaps that she's also expecting this girl to join the WNBA.

Warner Bros. announced on Tuesday that Jared Leto will be playing Batman villain The Joker — a role previously (and memorably) played by acclaimed actors Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger — in an upcoming comic-book film called "Career Suicide." Wait, scratch that — we meant to write "Suicide Squad." Our mistake.

Pregnancy hasn't stopped Blake Lively from wearing the tightest dresses known to man. The actress appeared at a L'Oreal Paris event on Tuesday evening wearing a body-hugging backless gown (below), which she likely found in the children's section of her local department store as opposed to the materity section.

And finally, "Game of Thrones" actor Kit Harrington revealed that he's not allowed to cut his hair during haituses in the show. But don't fret, Kit — your character will probably die horribly within the next few seasons, leaving you free to get that sweet pompadour you've always wanted.