Kathy Griffin debuts her Kellyanne Conway impression on 'The President Show'

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Kathy Griffin made her grand debut as Kellyanne Conway on Comedy Central’s Trump-parody show “The President Show.”

The star, who is attempting to get back on her feet after some incredibly negative press last year, announced last week that she would be doing an impression of White House aide Conway’s infamous spin tactics during a special event for the series, titled “Make America Great-a-Thong: A President Show Special.”

In it, star Anthony Atamanuik, who plays an exaggerated version of president Donald Trump, was holding a mock fundraiser in the style of a telethon event. In the clip below, he announces Conway’s presence before launching into her “act.”

“What have you been up to?” Atamanuik’s Trump asks.

“Just drinking blood to maintain my youth, sir,” an overly-cheery Griffin says as Conway.

The idea is for the sketch was for her to spin the narrative surrounding some of the worst people in the world.

“You can toss out the names of the worst people in history, and she’ll happily defend them,” Atamanuik said.

From there, she launches into a tirade about the use of the phrase “pyramid scheme” being offensive to the Jewish people in reference to Bernie Madoff. She described cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer as “a foodie” and cult-leader Charles Manson as “a real family man.” Finally, she capped off her performance by calling O.J. Simpson a “hand glove model and a real lady killer.”

“I could do this in my sleep, if I slept,” she says.

You can watch Griffin’s performance below.