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What happens when you put Kate Upton on a cute little horsie, take off her top, and post a video of it on the Internet?

You get two hilarious TMZ editors looking like they are going to pass out.

You can see the video that made them act like that here.

Speaking of topless celebrities, Nicki Minaj is never one to let anyone else take too much of the spotlight, which may be why she tossed her top too and posed for a sexy selfie. Of course the former 'Idol' judge kept it classy with a hand bra.

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At this point, Instagram should be renamed Instastrip, as it is where exhibitionist starlets desperately seek their fans adoration and validation tend to turn. Yes, you are all the prettiest princesses at the ball! #leavesomethingtotheimagination

All week it has been reported the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby girl's name is Kaidence Donda.


TMZ and People say they know better, and her name is actually … North.

Which makes her North West.

Which means for North West, life will always be looking up, and a little to the left.

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