Kara Del Toro's Lacy Lingerie Pic, Bill Murray's Christmas Variety Hour, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the hubbub's about:

• Earlier this week on Instagram, Carl's Jr. bikini model Kara Del Toro took a break from posing with burgers in her skimpy bikini to instead pose with her dog in some lacy lingerie (above). Decide for yourselves whether she looks sexier next to a Yorkie or a Tex Mex Bacon Burger, and adjust your fantasies accordingly.

• Speaking of Carl's Jr. models, we recently had Charlotte McKinney in our studio to discuss her new gig as a GUESS Girl. Watch the video below to see why she loves being "a beautiful curvy girl" for GUESS along with some shots from her burger-free swimwear campaign:

• Miley Cyrus is reportedly planning to stage an all-nude concert (audience included) as a stunt for an upcoming music video with her side project Dead Petz. And if that wasn't enough, everyone in attendance will also be hosed down with a milk-like substance sometime during the show, because Miley Cyrus isn't much for subtlety.

• Netflix has released the first trailer for "A Very Murray Christmas," its tongue-in-cheek take on holiday TV specials hosted by Bill Murray. The preview is embedded below if that sounds like something you're interested in, but let's be honest: Interested or not, you'll need something to watch when you get sick of "24 Hours of 'A Christmas Story'" on TBS.

• In honor of (what would've been) Frank Sinatra's 100th birthday in early December, the Recording Academy and CBS are planning an "All-Star Grammy Concert" featuring performances from John Legend, Tony Bennett, Adam Levine, Carrie Underwood, and a bunch of other artists who Frank and his Rat Pack buddies would've probably called "cool cats."

• NBC has released a bunch of promos for the October 17th episode of "Saturday Night Live" with host Tracy Morgan, who promises to "get everyone in [the] building pregnant" in one of the spots (below). Those of us who will be watching from home, however, will have to call Studio 8H and see if Tracy can make a housecall.

• Various news outlets reported on Tuesday that Tyra Banks' long-running series "America's Next Top Model" has been cancelled, but that didn't stop Tyra from trying to play it off on Twitter like it was her own creative decision to end the show (below). Nice try, Tyra, but there will be no dignity here.

• ABC is planning to develop a half-hour comedy sequel series to the 1997 rom-com "My Best Friend's Wedding," which originally starred Julia Roberts as a woman who watches her long-time crush marry another girl. The show is said to be picking up right where the movie left off, and not 18 years later when Roberts' character is still waiting for her friend's marriage to crumble, as we first hoped.

• And finally, the Niagara Falls Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Team has introduced a new mascot they're calling "Totes McGoats," which is basically just a guy wearing a goat mask (below). The city's mayor claims it's a good way to "reach out to kids and get their attention," but he failed to mention that it's also a good way to give the children horrific night-terrors.